Monday, April 06, 2009

NE Cape Fear - Wayne's Landing - Upstream

On Sunday April 5, 2009, I put in at the Cypress Hole boat landing, also known as Wayne's Landing on the NE Cape Fear River. I paddled upstream about halfway to the Deep Bottom Bridge, a distance of almost 3 miles. Tree cover was poor with a few good sized trees right at river's edge, but extensive logging had taken place. There are also cabins here and there on the water. I saw a few feeding signs and one good cavity. I would like to measure the cavity for size. Back at the put in, across the river there is an ox-bow that was connected to the river due to high water. In here, I observed a pair of pileateds for 30-45 minutes. They were closely examining every limb for food. They did not appear to do much exploratory pecking. They just looked like they were looking for food on the surface of the bark. I observed them hopping from branch to branch, looking up and down, even hanging upside down. They would search branches even as small as 2-3 inches in diameter. I think this stretch can be eliminated from future searches, but I would like to measure the cavity size.

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