Monday, April 13, 2009

NE Cape Fear River - April 10

On Friday, I built a motor mount for my canoe. Now I can add an electric trolling motor so I can cover more distance in my searches. It turned out pretty well. It's hinged, so if I hit a stump or something, the motor can flip up and not be damaged.

I wanted to take it for a test run, so I headed back to Wayne's Landing. It was sunny and warm, late in the afternoon. The canoe clips along pretty good with the motor and the mount works perfectly. I was quite pleased. I found the pair of pileateds easily and observed them for quite some time working an old log that had fallen over the river. It was very entertaining. Later on, on the way back, I saw one of them land on the tree with the cavity I had found earlier. So, it appears that I have found a nesting pair of pileateds! This was wonderful. After the nestling fledges, I can measure the cavity and have a good piece of data on the pileated cavities in my area. Other birds observed were 2 great blue herons, what appeared to be a glossy ibis in flight, a belted kingfisher, assorted fish crows and american crows, and a red shouldered hawk. Heard but not observed were red-bellied woodpeckers and downy woodpeckers.

Forgive the pictures, I was carrying a little Canon A520.

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