Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 19 2009 - Green Swamp

On Sunday, I made a trip to the Green Swamp. I listened and observed on Juniper Creek Bridge for about 2 hours. We saw many flocks of ibis fly overhead. We also saw a large gator in the creek. I found a large fresh cavity just down the road and in a tree just inside the woods line. I really need some way to measure these things! There is a dirt road just NE of the bridge. Walking this, we found the remnants of an old logging road that we hiked until the old pine plantation turned into swamp. Here we spooked a very large woodpecker. I did not see enough tic marks to make an ID. It was huge, definitely white underwing, red on head, white stripes on neck. But it flew with slow lazy wing beats, not like a pileated or an IBWO for that matter. Weird. It was overcast on Sunday and under that swamp canopy, it was very dark. To give you an idea, I took a picture of a opossum attempting to hide in plain sight up a tree under us.

Here is the tree where the woodpecker was, I believe. As Shaggy would say...."Spooksvile, man!"

Looking at Google Earth, I can see quite a few good places to get into the swamp on foot to set up a blind and listen. The thing is, the GS is an hour away from me. I want to spend more time down here, but to do so, I really need to camp here days at a time. Hopefully I can work that in.


Tucano said...

Hi Christen,

Thanks for the report. I presume the Juniper Creek Bridge you mention is the one on Camp Branch Road, right?


christen said...

Hi Dalcio,

Yep, Camp Branch Road. I should be down there again this weekend, weather permitting.

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't get too wrapped up about doing the camping thing. What I would do is find a suitable spot in the GS and go there, alot. I would get in as early as possible and sit. By mid-day take a break and if it strategically possible then return for the last three hours of the day. If you do this repeatedly and the birds are there then sooner or later they will pass your way. Moving about too much in there will lessen your odds of "bumping" into the bird. An hour drive is not too far, in fact that would be what I consider convenient. But I do recognize that life has other responsibilities besides chasing woodpeckers, lol.

jimbones said...

Isn't this the bridge that jerry conroy had his sighting near? good luck with your search.

Christen said...

Hi Jimbones,

Yep, this is the same bridge. It's IBWO ground zero for this area. And, it's a perfect place to see prothonotary warblers too!