Saturday, April 04, 2009

Angola Bay

Today, I set out to see how accessible Angola Bay gameland is by car. My goal is to get as close to the eastern bank of the NE Cape Fear as possible and then hike, looking for cavities. I also plan on deploying recorders in this area as well. This, and the connecting Holly Shelter Gameland is the area where Alexander Wilson got his ivorybill in the 19th century.

It appears that the main road to get into AB is through Angola Bay Road, which is a dirt road right off of highway 53. This road is gated right off the highway. It was locked last Sunday, but it was open today, a Saturday. Sarah and I drove in, relatively north, then took a quick right, then left, then went north again on Turtle Road until the road ended. This is pretty much the northern most road in the gameland. North of us, there are miles and miles of woods with no easy way in. It appears to be mostly pine, but I won't know for sure until I hike it and see. I didn't want to stay too long for fear of being locked in. I'll know more about the gate hours when I call the ranger station on Monday.

Next, I headed over to Croomsbridge Road, off of highway 53 again. On the map there appears to be a road which comes very near the river. This road was gated unfortunately. The gate appeared to be private.

The real test of this area will be a long search on the river for tree size and perhaps cavities. I am still crossing my fingers for this area though, since it is so close to home.


Tucano said...

Hi Christen,

It is great to see that you are still active searching for the IBWO! Good luck in your efforts. Have you by any chance participated in the ongoing searches of the Audubon Society in NC?


Christen said...

Hi Dalcio! Good to see you too. :)

A woman who is a member of the Audubon search is friends with my roommate. I'm planning on trying to have a chat with her to share information. I think they have found some cavities, but i'm not certain and don't want to speculate.