Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cypress Creek Trees

I headed out to Cypress Creek again to check out the scaled trees there now that I know what to look for. Cypress Creek is very near to Angola Bay GL which is another potential IBWO habitat. CC empties into the NE Cape Fear, which borders one side of the ABGL. I found some very interesting marks on the trees there. It was getting dark, so I'll have to go back again, but I did find a perfect gouge that measured 6.4 mm. This tree isn't covered in gouges, but it does have quite a few of them as well as pileated-looking holes and cavities. There are two other nearby trees to examine as well. All these are within 50 yards of a paved road. The site is totally overloaded with deer ticks though. It's like a Lyme Disease bonanza in there.

I'll post some better pictures when I get out there again. I want to put a camera on that tree. At the very least, I'll get some good PIWO shots.

Waccamaw River Headwaters

I finally put in on the headwaters of the Waccamaw April 30th. I was in the canoe this time since it's a major bear to portage with the kayak. I had the trusty bowsaw with me to clear out the little stuff I was sure to encounter. The river starts as a tiny creek from a spillway at the southern end of Lake Waccamaw. It's a beautiful paddle, since it's not traveled much and the swamp forest is thick. We started portaging right away. Ugh. This is going to be a tricky river to check out. I do think I can get to some other stands of trees via IP road though. There are a ton of trees down since the last hurricanes. On one portage, I walked in the woods a bit and saw that all the downed wood was totally covered with a carpet of bright green moss. It was beautiful. It looked like something you would expect to see in the Pacific Northwest. There was some sawn cypress there and god knows how long ago it was cut. I didn't quite make it into the heart of the swamp area there yet, but I came close. I also saw some decent high ground to camp on. As long as the mosquitoes in there don't carry you off in your tent....