Monday, April 24, 2006

White River National Wildlife Refuge

Sunday I was back at the White River NWR. On Saturday I had met Pam Hines who runs the visitor center in St. Charles. It's definitely worth the visit if you get over that way. They have some wonderful exhibits and good maps. I also met Pam's husband, Richard Hines, the refuge's biologist. They are both very nice folks. The visitor center is well worth a visit. I’m happy that our tax dollars are being spent on something worthwhile for a change. I headed to East Moon Lake. While there I found some good examples of tree scaling. I did bring my digital caliper and took measurements. The largest was 6.1mm. I found plenty in the 4mm range and some in the 5’s. The tree had been gone over pretty good, and the grooves were diminished a bit from all the other woodpeckers, but there were a few good grooves left to measure. The bark was still nice and tight, and when removed, I found millipedes underneath. I found another tree on the road from Alligator Lake to Prairie Lake. The grooves were all in the 4mm-5mm range. I most wanted to see what the scaling looked like to compare to what I have here. Now I know what IBWO scaling looks like.


Anonymous said...

Reject stupidity before it's too late.

Jim said...

Pam - I admire your efforts and wish to let you know that they are greatly appreciated.

Jim Taylor, Ft Smith, AR Friends of WRNWR member.

Kenny said...

Do you really think that there are IvoryBills still around. I just can't see them being around with so many people looking for them. It did get port a pots on Dagmar, now they need to put some on White River Refuge