Friday, April 07, 2006

Town Creek

I paddled Town Creek on Sunday. Town Creek empties the eastern part of the Green Swamp. No one has been up in here since the last hurricanes as I was blocked by a treefall about 2 miles in. This part of the swamp looks promising, but there is a lot of development around it. I saw lots of cavities, but hardly any fresh woodpecker workings.

I head this bird calling around sunset. Not sure what it was.


Mark said...

Have you read Tanner's book? If not, there are a lot of seemingly good search ideas in there.

A few posts back you mention TNC property. Do you know if they manage the property at all, like with fire or anything?

70ivorybill78 said...


Regarding finding these birds in locations "not considered suitable", keep in mind they may disperse very long distances from suitible, or at least ideal habitat. These dispersals may be the result of searching for a mate or young birds dispersing to new areas.

Don't be put off your search by people telling you these birds cannot exist in "such and such" location.

For additional inspiration regarding finding birds in less than "perfect" locations, refer to

sincerely, Steve Sheridan

Christen said...


I haven't read Tanner's book all the way through as of yet. I have it and use it as sort of a reference guide.

TNC does manage the Green Swamp property. They do regular burnings there as well for the red cockaded WP. On these freshly killed pines is where I've seen the most promising scaling. International Paper just sold another large tract to TNC adjacent to the preserve they already have now. This will make for a corridor from the Waccamaw River to the preserve.

Christen said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the comments. I'm not one to be put off by folks telling me that I'm not going to find anything. I'm quite stubborn that

I've read your IB page before and it is inspiring and at the same time maddening that the scientific community has such a closed-minded attitude towards sightings. The Auklet article especially raised my hackles(pun intended).