Thursday, April 06, 2006

Double knock

Wed the 5th I was back on Cypress Creek. I'm slowly making my way down the creek toward the NE Cape Fear. No one has been on this creek since the last hurricane at least. Treefalls are every 100 yards or so. Some are quick and easy, some not so much. Yesterday I was working on a big sweet gum that was totally blocking the creek. It was day 2 of trying to cut this sucker away. Around 7pm I heard a distinct double knock coming from the direction from which we had already paddled. It was not answered. It sounded kind of like the sound you hear when a car goes across a expansion joint on a bridge....a "pop-pop" sort of noise. I was never expecting to see anything here on this creek and I was just out having a good time clearing a paddling creek close to home. I'm going to have my recording equipment with me next time.

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