Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dagmar WMA

Today I'm a tad farther afield than the Cape Fear River Basin. I'm writing this blog entry from Brinkley, Arkansas. Yep, IBWO Ground Zero. I was in northern Louisiana on business and had a free weekend, so I decided to come up this way and see what the habitat looks like. I do not expect to see IBWO's nor do I plan on searching for them. I just want to see trees, scaling and understory to compare to back home.

I also checked out a possible IBWO sighting in Caddo Parrish, La, before I left. This does look promising, but unless I had a canoe or kayak I would have been trespassing.

This afternoon I checked out Dagmar WMA. The forest is wonderful with many trees in the 24-30" dbh range and some even larger. Hardly any pines to be seen which is kinda weird for me. I'm used to it being the other way around. The first thing I noticed is that this habitat looks very similar to the pictures that Tanner took of the Singer Tract. The trees and understory look identical.

The 4 main trees in this picture are all around 24" dbh.

Here are some smaller trees showing the understory.

I didn't see any scaling in here, but I'll admit, I was really wanting to get down to the White River NWR. Word around the campfire is that this is where the action is. I was just figuring on popping on down there. Ummm....nope. Nuh-uh. This place is freekin' huge. I started in Brinkley which still isn't the northernmost part of this place. It took me well over an hour to reach the south end of the WRNWR. And I was bookin' it on the backroads at 70mph. Wow. I would have rather stayed down there, but there isn't anything down there except soybeans, tractors, and tiny towns with no amenities for the weary traveler. The only hotel with high speed internet is here in Brinkley. I hear that there in one over in St. Helena. Maybe if I get up this way again, I'll stay there.

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