Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bigfoot's New Pal

This was posted over at CyberThrush's blog...

The thought that you take these sightings seriously is ridiculous.
Which of course then means if your blog takes them seriously then yes your blog is ignorant too.
The IBWO was never stupid. It was a magnificent bird that is now extinct.

Oh...ok. You're just one of the ones who thinks I'm wasting my time out there in the bush looking for imaginary ghost birds perched on Bigfoot's shoulder while waiting to board a UFO. Ok...fair'nuff. I touched on that subject on my blog. I'm used to that. Thankfully, folks telling me that something can't be done hasn't stopped me before. Hope springs eternal, as they say. Here's a little secret. When folks tell me over and over that the IB has gone the way of archaeopteryx, it just makes me want to look harder. Thanks!

I am one of the ones who keeps her head down and keeps a low profile. Frankly, I don't give two flips what people think about me or anything else. I left that back in junior high, thank god. Also, it helps to be in a place where no one really looks. Although, I'm finding more and more folks who are looking here....And you guys know who you are :-) I try not to get caught up in all the retoric. I will not let that happen here. This is simply a journal of my hobby and my outings. I did want to post a reply to that post though since CT has limited his blog to comments only by team members since a recent post stirred up a major hornet's nest of troll posts.

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Anonymous said...

It was hardly troll posts. Did you read them? NO one has good arguments or evidence that the IBWO still lives. So anybody who challenges them are trolls. Hardly seems like science, does it?

Now if you are just in it to visit some nice habitat then fine. But don't fool yourself that the IBWO still exists.