Friday, March 31, 2006

Lake Waccamaw 3-26-06

Took a trip down to LW on Sunday. I hiked the river trail all the way to the coffer dam at the headwaters of the Waccamaw River, around a 7 mile round trip. It was sort of a blustery day with temps hovering around 60's and the wind was rough coming in off the lake. The trees are starting to green out and make looking through them difficult. I saw some evidence of scaling and found one tree that had been decimated by woodpeckers. I took a few good pictures of this tree which I will post shortly. I used my Leatherman to peel some bark on the tree and found lots and lots of termites. So the tree is still loaded with food. I saw no woodpeckers, only a brown thrasher and assorted chickadees and titmice.

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