Friday, March 17, 2006

Green Swamp

There was a story in the Charlotte Observer recently about searches in the Congaree NP. That's some prime IBWO area, and I wouldn't be surprised if the picture perfect mugshot didn't come from there. I should be up there in early to mid April with my kayak. Funny thing, my company has plants in Columbia, SC and Arcadia, LA. Both are a hop, skip, and jump from primo IBWO Habitat. Add to that that I live in the Cape Fear Lowlands, and it would appear that I'm fortunate as a hunter of Ghost Birds. But I digress. In the article, there is mention of a 2004 sighting in or near the Green Swamp around the Waccamaw River. Wha..wha..what!?! I really need to read more newspapers! I called CS who runs the Waccamaw NWR and asked him if he could give me any details. He's a super nice guy and gave me all he details of the story. He even made a trip up this way to check out the site. The fellow who reported it isn't from this area and the creek name he gave has about 4 locations around here, some many, many miles apart. CS said that the creek he was on was more like a paraphrase not his. I do know the exact location though as I've been hiking there many times and doing carnivorous plant photography. Guess where I'll be this Sunday? Hopefully, I'll have the MD recorder working to make some field recordings.

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