Sunday, March 12, 2006

Carolina Bay in Bladen county

There is an undeveloped state park over in Bladen County at one of the carolina bay lakes. Bay Tree State Park is the name. There is a trailhead there and a info kiosk, that's about it. I was on my way to SC with a friend today on one of her pilgrimages to buy a lottery ticket. We decided to stop off there and see how the trail was. There's a lot of sand, it reminds me of Carolina Beach State Park. Lots of scubby pines and oaks. No large hardwoods to speak of. I did hear some pileated activity and I saw one pine with an abnormally large nest cavity. I'll try and get a photo next time. The map of the area can be found here. I'm still thinking that the best bets are going to be in the river corridors, but it never hurts to look elsewhere.

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