Monday, March 13, 2006

Black River Trip

Sunday I kayaked a portion of the Black River that has quite a bit of land that is owned by the Nature Conservancy. This portion of the Black River is supposed to have soom of the oldest trees east of the Rockies, according to the Nature Conservancy. Well, If they are there, I didn't see them. To be fair, I was looking for large, tall cypress. I know now that these trees are going to be a bit on the small side as far as height goes. 2000 years of hurricanes takes its toll, I suppose... Here's the map of the area. It's a beautiful paddle, and I definitely recommend it. Sometimes hunting IBWO's is just a good excuse to get out on the water!

This place is loaded with pileateds. I heard about 6 or 7 and saw 2. I also saw a red bellied woodpecker. I saw many trees with nesting cavities. I'll try and get back out there with a camera to get some pictures. I recently saw a picture of Dr. Martjan Lammertink with a big printout of pileated nest cavities compared to ivorybills. I really have to get one of those. I haven't ruled out this area as of yet. I still think one of the best bets is somewhere on the Black. I want to get out there again when I have my acoustic playback equipment in order.

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William Shatner's #1 Fan said...

That sounds awesome! I can't believe you saw a woodpecker.